Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so here's my list of what i will attempt to resolve for next year. im usually bad at keeping to my word, hence the first thing on my list. im sure it will fluctuate depending through out the year. so...here we go:

-keep my new years resolution
-start my breakfast burrito blog
-appreciate all my monetary possesions
-organize my mental artistic node
-design more stuff for own enjoyment
-get '84 to a more presentable state
-make pitch book for alfie
-love my family/baba/friends and keep them closer to me.
-travel more
-beat atleast 2 games
-start running
-eat healthier
-life draw more
-start a new hobbie
-be less of a pack rat
-drink more tea eliminate carbonated drinks/coffee
-drink more water also
-eat less sweets

Let's how long this lasts...

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