Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last week I was invited be a part of an art gallery thrown by Autodesk at their own One Market Gallery in SF, CA. The gallery was called The Digital Canvas and showcased 100 different iPad art pieces spanning from people across the globe using the Sketchbook Pro app on the iPad. Its pretty amazing what the possibilities this app can do, I've even heard one artist preferring working on the iPad rather on a Cintiq! Madness! Click HERE to see a blogpost spotlighting the event at their own Sketchbook blog.

Me with the curator of the show Susan Murtaugh. Her tutorial for the Sketchbook Pro for the iPad is great way to learn all the features of the app!

Hanging out with bad ass artist Goro Fujita. His art was used for the app's splash screen. I'm very familiar with his work.

My Sweetheart Jane and I taking a quick snapshot in front of the Embarcadero before heading into Osha Thai for after reception dranks.

Here are the sketches I submitted that will be in display at the gallery.

The gallery opens tomorrow to the public to check it out if your in town! Congrats to all the other artists as well! here's the promo video for it as well.


Fawn said...

You draw too well, as usual:)

Tapan Gandhi said...

Amazing work, Angelo! I didn't realize you could get such great results on the iPad. Wish I was there.