Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last year I was asked to do some designs and a poster for a short live-action film called Guttersnipe. It's about a schizophrenic homeless man, whose best friend is a blues-throated talking shopping cart named Abbott.  The film was directed by Brooks Larson.   

It's beginning to catch some steam and has been selected in a few film festivals already.  Congrats to the whole crew for their hard work!  I can't wait to see it's entirety when it premieres this friday!  Try to catch the film where you can and support indie film making!

I won't spoil what these designs were used for, but I did get permission to show them:

Below are the initial quick ruffs drawn on my iPad.  I didn't need to tie them down that much since I had some live action reference shots.


Lynn said...

Sweet, Angelo! Those textures are niiiice.

Mark said...

Very cool Blog my friend.. thanks for sharing..

Trevor Spencer said...

Great designs Angelo. always inspiring.