Friday, August 12, 2011


Here's another fun quickie project I did on top of the regular hectic grind at 6PH. Pizza Quest was a short pilot developed through College Humor and was exclusively done for Nintendo's own lineup of original content. This was the only link I could find of someone recording their 3DS and for some reason the video is down on College Humor's own site:

It was fun coming up with the look for both characters and backgrounds for the show. A Pseudo Art Director as it were. The clients where looking for a mixture of Scott Pilgrim meets Adventure Time. It was fun working with Frank, Adam, Joel and some of the crew that I rarely got to work with nowadays.

This was the first time I used my iPad for production to do the initial ruffs, and subsequently finished off in flash for retakes and animation:

The BGs where also fun to do since I'm a big fan of pizza! Shout outz to Village Pizzeria! I wanted to make the pizza dimension's colors to feel as warm, pizza-ish and adventure timey as possible:

Check it out if you a have 3DS!



Kirun said...

awesome work man!

SteveLambe said...

Great stuff, Angelo!

Mike Nassar said...

dude! ipad roughs! I didn't know that, and they look f-ing great man!

Xavier Yabut said...

Great character designs!